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The beginnings of the first Bulgarian mountain resort


1896 – The beginnings of the first Bulgarian mountain resort

Borovets, known as Chamkoria until the mid-20 th century, was the first mountain resort in Bulgaria and across the Balkans. It was established in 1896, when Kniaz Ferdinand built his summer residence there and several hunting lodges in the vicinity, making Chamkoria a favorite recreation destination for the royal family. His example was followed by aristocrats and members of the Bulgarian elite, who subsequently built their summer cottages and chalets in Borovets, by 1928 there were some 74 villas in the vicinity.

For a long time, Chamkoria was referred to as a summer resort and it took some time for people to start using their properties in the winter months as well. It was only in the 1930s, that skiing started becoming popular and Chamkoria naturally became associated with winter sports and holidays.



Дворец Царска Бистрица, Боровец