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Borovets (2050 м)

Temperature: -9.3°C

Come to ski and snowboard on 8th December

Promo prices for the beginning of the new winter season!

For the period of 8th - 16th December incl. the price of the lift passes will be with 20-30% discount depends on the type of the lift pass.
Lift pass prices you can check here.

Open ski slopes for that period will be: Popangelov, Yastrebetz 3, Sitnyakovo 1 partly open, Sitnyakovo 3, Martinovi baraki 1, 2, 3, and 4, Sitnyakovo pathway partly open, Rila, Iglika, Rotata, Cherveno zname partly open for sledges and Borokids park.

The huge snow party under the theme of 120 years of Borovets and the new winter season will be on 17th of December (Saturday)

For all lovers of winter sports the price of the daily lift pass will be 5 BGN and the income goes into specially established by Borosport fund, encouraging the development of young skiers and snowboarders  in Samokov region.

Free night skiing and tuition for  beginners will be available for all ski fans.

Those who buy a lift pas on 17th has the chance to win one of the 120 season lift passes that are given by Borosport for 120th  anniversary of the resort.

The time has come to announce the much anticipated lift pass prices for the new season. We promised you greater value.

You will find new family packages, free passes for children under the age of 7, reduced prices for children under the age of 12 and NEW reduced prices for youngsters, between the ages of 12-23. Lastly, we haven't forgotten about the parents - we are offering reduced lift pass prices, as well as for senior citizens, over the age of 65.

For our mountain fans, we have the annual lift pass, which includes the winter and summer seasons, in one great offer!

Reloading your lift pass online opens more possibilities now! Once reloaded you can use it whereever there is a system of Ski Data, no matter if in Bulgaria or abroad!

For the Christmas and New Year Holidays, we have a special 3-day and 4-day lift pass offer for families, youngsters and 65+, alike.

The winter fairytale is near and the opening of the ski zone is approaching quickly!

We wish you splendid fun and adventure, and a joyous winter season! 

due to high temperatures and thin snow cover we are forced to close the Night Skiing as of tomorrow, 21st December! We hope to have positive news regarding the situation soon! Stay tuned and thanks for you understanding!

The first ski club 25.11.2016

The first ski club

On October 11th 1931 45 skiers established the first ski club in Samokov “Rilski Skier”.

The first race 14.11.2016

The first race

On February 16th 1930 the Bulgarian Youth Tourist Union, division “Rila” organized the first race in the history of Bulgarian sport....

Тhe First Skis 08.11.2016

Тhe First Skis

In 1913, according to Young Tourist magazine, Western Europeans were reported to be seen using two-meter long boards on the slopes...

The first cabin Musala was built 31.10.2016

The first cabin Musala was built

“I remember how the wooden Musala cabin was built...

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See pictures and videos from Borovets

See pictures and videos from Borovets
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2010 Borovets
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Ski school "Borosport"
For booking individual and group ski lessons and ski packages
Phone number: +359 882 196 848

Ski school "Borosport"
For booking individual and group ski lessons and ski packages
Phone number: +359 882 196 848


Mountain Rescue(+359) 887 100 243
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